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The Dive Shop

For all your Snorkelling and Diving Equipment!
Regulator Servicing - All Makes

Dive Shops Opening Hours
Monday - Friday 9.00 - 5.00
Saturday 9.00 - 1.00

Click on the links to our suppliers to view their catalogues.
The shops stock includes many of their products -
to suit all budgets!

Oceanic's Equipment Catalogue

Veo, Atom and the NEW VT3 dive computers, regulators, BCDs, suits, fins, Ikelite torches, dive knives etc are all available from our stock of Oceanic's product range.

BIG Discounts on Oceanic Stock Items NOW!

Oceanpro FX BCD Various Sizes SRP 315.00
Our Price Only 199.00
Probe LX BCD Large SRP 375.00
Our Price Only 279.00
Veo 100NX Nitrox Wrist Computer SRP 185.00
Our Price Only 125.00
Veo 250 Downloadable Nitrox Wrist Computer SRP 270.00
Our Price Only 199.00
Geo Downloadable Nitrox Wristwatch Computer - Blue SRP 267.00
Our Price Only 199.00
VT3 PDC Multigas, Air Integrated, Downloadable, Technical Dive Computer Kit SRP 638.00
Our Price Only 395.00

We also stock a selection of budget equipment from the vast range offered by:

Beaver's Equipment Catalogue

The superb range of Green Force torches are just one item available via our Lumb Bros dealership.

Lumb Bros Equipment Catalogue

Northern Diver - One of the world's leading drysuit manufacturers, plus a full range of other dive goodies! Mares & Jet fins, Apeks regulators and much more!

Plana Avanti Quattro - Size: XL, Colour: Blue SRP 79.99 Our Price Only 49.99
Plana Avanti Quattro - Size: XL, Colour: Yellow SRP 79.99 Our Price Only 49.99

Frame Type - Classic Design, Colour: Blue or Yellow Our Price Only 10.00
Frameless Type - Low Volume, Colour: Black or Clear Our Price Only 10.00

Northern Diver's Equipment Catalogue

To compliment the Northern Diver suits we also stock the Hi-Tech Fourth Element ranges of Thermocline, Xerotherm and the new Xerotherm Arctic undergarments and dive clothing. Check out the NEW THERMOCLINE EXPLORER before you buy your next wetsuit! Superb for snorkelling too!
Further information is available at:

 Fourth Element Catalogue Fourth Element Catalogue

Ambient Pressure Diving supply us with the fully closed circuit Inspiration rebreather for collection by our students following successful completion of training. The brand new Evolution is now available making the unit easier to use & more transportable for foreign dive holidays. Both models are now available with the new Vision Electronics providing full decompression information and much more from the handset. The Head Up Display (HUD) makes diving the unit simpler and safer than ever!


Delta P manufacture & supply us with the superb VR2 and VR3 technical dive computers.
The programs may be upgraded for gas switches on air, nitrox or trimix for both open and closed circuit, providing all the computer you are ever likely to need!


Where we are:

Located close to the Surrey/Sussex border we are a short drive from both
Guildford and Dorking in Surrey and Horsham a similar distance away in Sussex.

Our full address is:

Scuba Class Ltd
Unit 6
Hewitts Industrial Estate
Surrey GU6 8LW

Phone: 01483 548 211

See Map

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