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Scuba Class:
Diving with Distinction!

One of the fundamental reasons for the formation of our company was to introduce schools to the merits of SCUBA diving.

Discover Scuba Diving

We are pleased to offer a Discover Scuba Diving experience to schools considering the sport for their students. This can be included in an activity week or as an extra curricular activity. Staff members are welcome to attend one of our regular evening pool sessions for a complimentary Discover Scuba as an insight into our services.

The Way the World Learns to Dive!

The largest SCUBA training organisation in the world is PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) who produce modern educational materials to support their courses. Our instructors are members of this Association, and if desired, are able to teach the academic portions of the courses in conjunction with your school’s science department. This provides real world applications for the physics and biology taught in the classroom and reinforces the lessons.

The “Buddy” system, fundamental to recreational diving, is beneficial to the social development of children, promoting a co-operative rather than competitive attitude.
Concerns regarding the safety of SCUBA diving with children are understandable and are taken seriously by all of our staff. However, diving is statistically safer than skiing and most other sports taught by schools, owing to the non contact nature and high levels of qualified supervision during training. Furthermore, PADI produce an entire programme of Junior courses for students below the age of fifteen, that restrict the depth of dives and increase the ratio of instructors to students.

Lizzie 15, on first dive holiday!

(Junior) - Open Water Diver

The internationally recognised qualification obtained following the successful completion of a PADI Open Water course provides a goal for the students and can be integrated into the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme if desired. A comprehensive range of continuing education courses are available for students wishing to increase their skills and experience.

The logistics of an Open Water course lend themselves to a school curriculum and courses may be run as part of the Physical Education programme or as an extra curricular activity.
We recommend conducting the academic and confined water sessions over a single term. This allows the qualifying open water dives to be completed during a dive trip in the following school holiday. A school pool is not a necessity as the use of a local pool can usually be arranged.


The costs of such a trip are comparable to skiing. However, as high quality diving is available all year in the Egyptian Red Sea, you may schedule courses in any terms and holiday periods that suit you and your students. Other destinations can also be arranged to suit specific requirements regarding types of diving or marine life etc.
UK open water diving is also available as an economical option for completing the qualifying dives to achieve certification. However this is only available in high summer unless training in the use of appropriate exposure suits has been undertaken.

Should you wish to discuss specific requirements or would like a quote for including SCUBA in your school’s prospectus, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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