Malta Dive Trip 2005

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Following last year's successful dive holiday in Malta we decided to offer another this year, albeit using a different dive centre and hotel.
To complete the changes we were flying from Gatwick this time so everybody met at a very congested airport on the morning of Saturday 28th May - and I mean everybody!

To keep us entertained, Vernon attempted to pass off 46kgs of boxed rebreather as an acceptable substitute for the 30kg limit placed upon the rest of us! However Gatwick's baggage handlers were apparently not impressed by his eloquence (or tears) and Vernon was obliged to throw himself upon the mercy of his fellow travellers and redistribute much of the contents among anybody that had any spare space.

The first dive! Sally checks to see just what was in the box!

The baggage collection at Malta's Luqa airport was proof that Vernon's reputation had preceded him - his rebreather hadn't!
Fortunately, it turned up during the night and was delivered to our hotel in time for the following morning's first dive.

Father and Son - Roger and Tom Markwick Chris Laskaris

We had the usual mix of abilities and experience among the guests on the trip with some juniors participating in Adventure Dives alongside their fathers. I would like to congratulate Roger and Tom Markwick on successful completion of their PADI Advanced and Junior Advanced Open Water Diver certifications.
Tom has dived with us since his first Bubblemaker, going on to qualify first as a Junior Scuba Diver before upgrading to Junior Open Water in Wraysbury Lake. It was good to be able to show him some blue water diving finally.
His father Roger learned to dive twenty odd years ago in the Red Sea & had not dived since those days. He is to be congratulated on throwing himself back into the fray with such enthusiasm and commitment.
Assistant Instructor Nick Laskaris was present with his son Christopher who was also working towards his Junior Advanced Open Water certification. He is to be congratulated on completing his Deep and Multilevel Adventure dives, despite having some problems during the week.
I wish the buddy pairs every success in the future!

Lesley, Hugh and Sally arriving on the Gozo Ferry Tom tries to smuggle several gallons of Gozo's Inland Sea in the legs of his suit!

Always a popular excursion, the day spent visiting Gozo for the famous Blue Hole and Inland Sea dives was the highlight of the trip for many. However the topography of Malta itself can be spectacular as shown by these photos taken at our local site.

There's a light up there! Which way is up?

Another experience that always seems to prove popular with new divers is their first night dive. This year we had three divers trying it out, with varying degrees of trepidation - most enjoyed it and look forward to further opportunities to repeat it. Shore cover was extensive and the alcohol present was apparently for medicinal purposes, in case any of the non divers were overcome with hypothermia!

The Malta 2005 Group We arrived at the end of the week with everybody having enjoyed themselves and hopefully taking away happy memories of Malta to go with their logbook entries.
I would personally like to thank all present for making it a fun trip with lots of good humour and some entertaining diving!

Finally I would like to acknowledge the effort of the various Padi Professionals that were present, particularly Assistant Instructor Colin Murrell who was always on hand to render whatever assistance was needed. Colin leading Lesley

I am already looking forward to our September trip to Spain. This is a new location for us and I am eager to see if the marine life lives up to the reports. Many of the faces seen in this report will be joining us again so why not come along and join in the fun!

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