Lanzarote Trip 2007

Lanzarote 2007

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Following last November's successful trip to Lanzarote, several divers of mixed abilities wanted to join us for an early trip this year to complete some certifications in blue water.
The Padi Professional team was again joined by Andy Thwaites; now qualified as an Open Water Scuba Instructor. His eagerness to get out there and start teaching was very nearly his undoing after an unfortunate incident involving him checking in as Mrs Lesley Thwaites!
After some remarkable driving by his wife, he and his own passport were reunited just in time to board the plane.

Divers on Safari! Peter and Sandra Flack had made a late booking for this trip and were therefore flying a little earlier than the rest of the group. We all met up at Arriciffe airport and were transported to our appartments by Steve Hicks, the owner of Safari Diving.

Everybody participated in the following morning's checkout dive, except Andy Thwaites and his Open Water student Liz Cook. They had arranged to complete the first three qualifying dives on day one to allow the Advanced Open Water course to start the following day.

Student & Instructor! Paul Atkinson

Day three began with some deep diving for Jessica Tilley. She and Julie Bentley had signed up for the Padi Deep Diver Specialty course. Unfortunately, Julie was unable to dive on this trip but came along and threw herself into every other activity that she could find! She was determined not to waste time and decided to complete the Padi Enriched Air course during the week. The two associated dives are now optional so not being able to dive was not a problem.
Meanwhile, Jessica and I were off to investigate the effects of pressure on objects at depth!
Jessica under pressure! Paul & Gail on course for their Nav dive!

The afternoon began with the Advanced Open Water course Underwater Navigation dive following Liz's successful completion of the Open Water course in the morning.
Father and daughter, Paul and Gail Atkinson were joining Liz Cook for the Advanced Open Water course. We last had the pleasure of their company on a Malta trip back in 2004, when Paul had qualified as an Open Water diver. Coincidentally, Peter and Sandra Flack had also been along on the same trip so there was plenty of opportunity to catch up on the intervening years.

The range of restaurants and bars kept everybody happy during the time spent out of the water. On some evenings everybody went out together, on others small groups went off to do their own thing. On a couple of evenings we even went night diving!
The girls doing their own thing!

And you're sure this is a good idea?! As the week progressed so did the various courses. The Advanced Open Water group worked their way through Deep, Night, Wreck and Search and Recovery dives. Jessica completed the remaining two dives of her Deep Specialty and Julie completed rides in a submarine, a parascender and a jetski!

Several members of our group chose to participate in Safari Diving's escorted dives when not involved in training dives. The reports that I received indicated that everybody had been well looked after and enjoyed the dives. The local knowledge of resident dive guides often provides an advantage in spotting the more elusive wildlife. Some wildlife didn't prove very elusive - a grouper named Felix very nearly met the performance requirements of the Deep Diver Specialty course and certainly got full marks for attendance!

The Flacks! Peter and Sandra spent most of their time with Safari Diving but did accompany us on a couple of dives. It was good to see their progress since learning to dive with us three or four years ago. It was even more satisfying to see that Sandra's grin is still very much in evidence while diving and now that she has learned how to use her kidney dump - "Bum up Sandra!" - who knows where it will end?! .

I found this trip far less taxing than many, owing to the efforts of my fellow Instructor Andy Thwaites. The feedback that I received from his students was very positive and I am sure that he will prove a great asset to those he teaches in the future.
My personal congratulations go to Liz Cook, Paul and Gail Atkinson for achieving the Advanced Open Water certification under Andy's tuition.
Further congratulations are due to Jessica Tilley for completing the Deep Diver course and to Julie Bentley for the Enriched Air certification.
We all hope to see you back in the water soon Julie!

Last night meal for the group!

Our next trip will be one that we have been seeking to arrange for a considerable time - a Red Sea liveaboard in October. This really is one not to miss so, if you like what you have seen so far, then why not come along for our best yet!

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