Lanzarote Trip 2006

Lanzarote 2006

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We decided to add Lanzarote to our range of dive holiday destinations this year. This came as a result of our association with Andrew Thwaites, an Assistant Instructor who had recently started working with us. He had dived with Safari Divers in Puerto Del Carmen many times in the past and recommended the package for some easy diving in warm clear seas, well stocked with a good selection of species.
So far, so good!
Then we arrived at Gatwick!!
To say that the security arrangements were tedious would be an understatement. We queued for over an hour in the longest Conga line that I have ever experienced - and we didn't feel like dancing!

Our arrival at Arrecife airport was fine and Lesley Thwaites, kept us entertained with an unusual technique for getting a baggage trolly up an escalator! It paid dividends though as a friendly local immediately came to her assistance, avoiding any permanent damage!

Instructors Colin & Andy at work! The proprietor of Safari Divers, Steve Hicks, met us at the airport & drove us to our self-catering appartments. These were clean and well presented with a maid service for daily bedmaking and cleaning. The balconies were comfortable too!
The complex featured a pool, bar and restaurant.

We had a late start the following morning to allow Safari Divers to complete their scheduled dives before giving us their undivided attention.This gave all of our divers an opportunity to meet one another and plan their coming week. Once the necessary paperwork was completed, tanks and equipment were issued and the diving began. Playa Chica Beach Entry

The morning checkout dive was followed by an Underwater Navigation Dive for Jon Adami's Advanced Open Water course.. Several other divers made their own arrangements, either diving with Safari Divers guided tours or investigating in their own buddy pairs. Some elected to relax on the beach and soak up some sunshine!

Jon Adami getting his head down on the Advanced Open Water course! Andy and Lesley Thwaites

Day two began with some deep diving. Jon Adami was making the Deep Dive from his Advanced Open Water course with Instructor Colin, while Lesley, Linda and Gideon completed dive two from their Deep Diver Specialty course. Andy tagged along to render assistance on the training, while Lesley Ramsbottom came to see what all the fuss was about!
The weather, which had been a little windy since we arrived was causing sufficient surf and surge to relieve Colin of his breakfast! Way to go, Colin!. As conditions were deteriorating I decided it would be prudent to postpone the Open Water course qualifying dives for Chris and Margaret until conditions were less testing. Safari Divers assured me that such conditions only occur around 20 days per year, so I was confident that the next day would be better.

Chris Iles Margaret Iles

The next few days were indeed much better and the diving was very pleasant with the pattern of Deep Diver course dives in the morning being followed by Open Water qualifying dives in the afternoons. Chris and Margaret were by now beginning to settle into the diving and actually starting to enjoy the sights and sensations that we all know and love.

Fish feeding sessions proved very popular with many of our divers - not to mention the fish!
Evenings were generally spent trying out the range of restaurants and bars that the old and new towns had to offer. Once again Andy Thwaites' local knowledge proved very helpful: diligent previous research on the best bars was put to good use and the gentle pace of the mornings proved popular!
Linda being mugged by hungry fish!

Gideon taking his dogfish for a swim! We scheduled the ever popular night dive for Tuesday evening. On this trip we had six divers participating, Jon Adami was making his first night dive as part of his Advanced Open Water course; Linda and Lesley Thwaites were looking to repeat their favourite dive from our last trip to Gozo and Gideon wanted to get his new Greenforce torch wet! Andy Thwaites and I went along to referee what unfortunately turned into a bit of a free for all with a group of Dutch divers on the reef.

We concluded the training dives the following morning with a boat dive on the wrecks of a couple of scuttled tuna fishing boats. This was Jon's final Advanced Open Water dive which went very well. I was also able to find time to provide an escorted dive for Chris and Margaret, our two new Open Water divers, who were determined not to miss out on the fun. They had come a long way since their first nervous steps at the beginning of the week. Their new found confidence resulted in them deciding to do their first unescorted dive in the shallow waters of the bay upon our return from the wreck.

Stingray! As all of the training was now complete, I took the opportunity to visit a small reef for an afternoon dive accompanied by Linda, Andy and Lesley Thwaites. It is a beautiful little spot and the range of life seen on and around it included Sea Horse, Cuttlefish, Moray Eel, Octopus, Angel Shark, Stingray and several other strange but as yet unidentified species.

Finally I would like to congratulate Lesley, Linda and Gideon on sucessfully completing their Deep Diver courses, Jon on achieving Advanced Open Water and Chris and Margaret on qualifying as Open Water Divers.
I would further like to thank the various Padi Professionals that were present, particularly Assistant Instructor Andy Thwaites who always made himself available whenever assistance was needed.
I am delighted to be able to report that he sucessfully completed his Instructor Examinations the weekend following our return and is now a PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor - Well Done Andy! He will undoubtably be an asset to our teaching staff in the future

Last night meal for the group!

This location is likely to become one that we will offer on a regular basis. It is very suitable for training dives, offering easy access to water of suitable depths for all recreational diving. The air and water temperatures are comfortable for year round diving and the abundance of marine life should keep everybody interested.
There is plenty to keep people entertained out of the water, both day and night, making it suitable for families with non-divers too. If you are interested in joining us on our next trip, keep your eye on our website for the dates. We'd love to have you along!

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