Egypt Trip 2007

Egypt 2007

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We have been trying to run an Egyptian Red Sea liveaboard dive holiday for a few years now but had to wait for enough of our students to reach a standard where they were capable of appreciating all that the location has to offer.
When we were offered M.Y. Sea Eagle for a week we decided to grasp the nettle and commit to selling enough places to cover our costs. Our calculations indicated that ten places should suffice, allowing us the luxury of individual cabins on the twenty-four berth boat.

M.Y. Sea Eagle Liveaboard

The boat's owners were joining this trip to assist in providing the local knowledge that can make a big difference on a dive safari.
The Padi Professional team was led by Jeff Mitchell supported by Andy Thwaites and Colin Murrell. However, this was to be a fun trip with very little teaching scheduled.
Many of the guests had holidayed with us on previous trips.

The impressions of the trip by three of our former students - Gideon Stanley, Peter Flack and Martin Russell follow:

Gideon Stanley

Well overall the trip was great fun.
I wouldnít describe the boat as 5 star but it had all we needed.
The best thing about a liveaboard is the simplicity of life on board and the ease of diving. No lugging your kit around. Everything is just there. Ready for the next dive, surely not even Colin could find an excuse not to go diving.
Although I had some technical problems, such as my computer flooding on the first dive (and thanks to Martin for the loan) and I had the wrong lead to charge my i-pod (thanks Ben for the loan of a lead) the holiday was brilliant fun.
Overall the diving was excellent. It was a shame we only managed two dives on the first and last day but I think a tally of 18 for the week is pretty good. Iím at 58 now!
I completed the wreck diving course and thanks go to with Andy for taking this on. It was great to do my first penetration and reassuring to have Jeff in front (with his twin set) and Andy behind. I felt in pretty good hands.
The Thistlegorm was a treat. We did 3 dives and all three were different. The night dive particularly memorable and Iím sure they were a pair of sharks I saw on the way down the anchor line early the following morning. But Andy is sure they were tuna. Nonetheless they were definitely a pair of dolphins that swam by on the last morning dive, I have photos to prove it.
I took loads of photos but must invest in a flash slave for next time - the colours are just not there at depth (and yes I remember the deep dive exercise from Lanzarote).

Peter Flack

Diving in the Red Sea was absolutely brilliant, very impressive wrecks; fish; corals; colours and etc.
The concept of the Liveaboard was very good, and so convenient, easy and relaxing it just added to the enjoyment of the diving and the whole holiday. With (generally) four dives a day on offer, you could dive as much or as little as you want, knowing that you hadnít had to make any special arrangements to get there.
The accommodation that we had was good, bed was comfortable; bathroom facilities were acceptable.
The food was good and plentiful with quite a reasonable choice, considering it all had to be carried from the start of the trip.
The crew were always helpful, friendly and polite. And there were always tea/coffee and snacks available.
The only downside, for me personally, was the rough sea, I guess Iím not a good sailor, or need something stronger than Kwells!!
Overall, a thoroughly relaxing and enjoyable experience, that was far more convenient than shore side accommodation with day trips to dive sites, that I would recommend to anyone (with the caution about seasickness!!). I look forward to my next trip.

Martin Russell

a fantastic Red Sea trip.... Clive, dunno if you can make anything of it..... a number of memories!!!
- Rough sea
- Fantastic reef, coral and colours. The Shagrock, Kingston wreck and drift dive (didnt see any shags mind..), and the last dive of the holiday was another fantastic drift over unbelievable corals and colours.
- huge numbers of fish, disorientating at times. That wreck Thistlegorm... wow.
- My first night dive
- At night on the Thistlegorm
- Being swept away by current from "shark reef" in the opposite direction to that briefed, aborting dive and ascending with a german who I picked up from another party.. ours were nowhere to be seen. In fact never saw most of 'em from initial descent. Still Clive's teachings shone through, kept head and all ended happily ever after... but it might easily not had....
- Colin diving
- Squid fishing (we were fishing, not the squid!)
- Food
- WARM water.... min temp 26deg Cent... phew
- Attempting showers in the Cabin loo.
- Stars... (mind you, they wouldnt keep still...)
- Skeins of, I think, Common Cranes passing over.
- Flying fish... they went for well over 100yards or so
- Dolphins... you could hear them clicking underwater, but you couldnae see them under there!
- Dolphins with the RIB
- Sandra doing her daily "write-up"
- Heat, and frying sun
- Trying to get back onboard the heaving RIB
- Needing 4 additional Kg to get down
- The Egyptian crew helping us out and looking after us, I thought they did a good job.
- Mark "now you see him, now you dont" when loading up RIB from boat!
- Gideon's computer

The "Dive Crew" aboard Sea Eagle

My thanks to Gideon, Peter and Martin for sharing their thoughts and experiences with us.
Thanks are also owed to Andy Thwaites for training and to Jeff for organising the trip and guiding the dives.
If the above has been of interest, then our next scheduled trip in May 2008 will be one not to miss - a liveaboard in the Maldives.
Why not come along for our best yet!

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