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Have Fun & Learn to Dive Safely with SCUBA CLASS!

Anybody over the age of ten and in good health is welcome to Discover Scuba Diving at one of our pool training sessions.

The next step for most people is to join a class taking the PADI Open Water Diver Course. Many of our students have enjoyed a Scuba experience on holiday and choose to proceed straight to the course.
Bring along a buddy to join in the fun!

Participation in any PADI course is subject to self-certification of fitness to dive by satisfactory completion of the PADI Medical Statement.

Lesson 1 - Gas Narcosis! Gnome more drinking & diving!

The Way the World Learns to Dive!

The PADI Open Water Diver card is the most recognised diving certification in the world.
PADI have recently updated the course, to reflect the technological changes that have occured within recreational diving, during the last decade. The use of the PADI Recreational Diver Planner for the calculation of the duration and depth of dives is now optional, reflecting the widespread use of personal dive computers.

    The course consists of three sections:

  • Knowledge Development:

  • This is the academic section of the course.
    You will read the five chapters of the PADI Open Water Diver manual and complete the Knowledge Review at the end of each chapter as home study. There are five, forty minute videos to accompany the five chapters, which preview the skills to be learned in the pool. You will take a series of multi-choice tests followed by a final exam during the classroom sessions, on the two days of your referral course.
    All home study exercises must be completed before attending the course. Failure to complete will require students to join the next available course.

  • Confined Water:

  • This is the swimming pool section of the course.
    Initially you will undertake a Watermanship test to ensure that you are able to support yourself in the water should you fall off a boat or quay. It consists of a two-hundred metre swim (any style and no time limit) followed by a ten minute float or tread water. During this section you will complete five pool dives which will require you to assemble and dismantle your equipment for each dive. Over the five dives you will learn the skills to allow you to dive safely within the limits of your certification.

  • Open Water:

  • This is the lake or ocean section of the course.
    You will make four qualifying dives, during which you will be required to demonstrate some of the skills that you have learned in the confined water section. These dives are made in the deeper, cooler waters in which you will make future dives. They may be made at any Dive Centre around the world once the first two sections of the course have been successfully completed.

    Academic and pool training may be completed for only 300.00.
    Buddy Pairs qualify for a discounted rate of only 550.00.
    Having Fun! Open Water and Scuba Diver referral courses run throughout the year at our pool
    See Calendar for dates.

    Your Open Water Referral course consists of two Sunday morning classroom reviews of your home study, followed by pool diving lessons in the afternoons.

    The PADI Scuba Diver is an abbreviated version of the course providing a restricted qualification to anybody with insufficient time or ability to complete the full course. It requires study of only three chapters of the manual, three confined water dives and two open water qualifying dives.
    The Scuba Diver Referral course consists of a single Sunday morning review of your home studies, followed by an afternoon of lessons in the pool.
    The Scuba Diver qualification may be upgraded to Open Water Diver at any time by completing the final modules of the Open Water Diver course.

    Qualified divers who need to refresh their dive skills prior to a diving holiday should participate in the new PADI ReActivate program. This is an opportunity to practise the open water course skills with an Instructor, in our pool. This may save the cost in time and money of "check out dives" on your holiday.

    The fun starts with a phone call:

    07986 004436 or
    01483 812026

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